10.5 MWh battery | Rarotonga

delivering reliable power

Batteries are the key to a sustainable electricity network, allowing you to achieve greater control of energy assets, increased effiency and improved reliability.

10.5 MWh BESS | Rarotonga

10.5 MWh BESS | Rarotonga

operations and maintenance

We offer operations and maintenance packages to ensure peak performance of your battery investment.

component agnostic

We have relationships with all major battery suppliers ensuring you get the best battery for your project

finance solutions

Opex based financing solutions are available in certain circumstances. Our experienced Business Development team will be able to discuss this further.

benefits of batteries

Load shifting

shift peak loads using stored energy

Peak shaving

reduce network peaks

emergency backup

backup for power outages and increased network resilience

voltage and frequency stability

help maintain a stable energy network

dynamic capacity

minimise distribution and transmission infrastructure demands

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